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At IBGraf, our mission is to transform business management with cutting-edge technology solutions. We need you!

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IBGraf Group

IBGraf Group represents four business sectors encompassed within seven entities, driven by the desire to provide a flexible, tailored, and scalable solution to any organization keen on centralizing their entire IT management with a preferred contact:

  • management computing (IBGraf, IBLUX, DMS, PlugandGo Info and Account IT)
  • hosting & IT infrastructure, (Rcarré Belgium)
  • Consulting & Digital Marketing (Webcom2you and Digital Life)
  • Development (Dev4log)

Everyone shares the same mission: to use their expertise to help clients optimize their management and support them in their digital transformation!

We value the experience as well as the passion and dedication of the employees.

Every IBGraf office is designed as a hub of expertise and innovation.

In Belgium, our Wavre office is at the heart of a start-up ecosystem, ideal for stimulating creativity and exchange. It's also the ideal venue for our meetings and training courses. In Mons, our central location in Picardy Wallonia means we can stay close to our customers. The Hoeilaart office, the gateway to Flanders, is a key point for our multilingual DMS team! Our historic site in Herstal is the main operating centre in Belgium, where a large proportion of our employees are based. It's also where we organise a large number of workshops, training courses and team-building events.

In Luxembourg, our offices in Strassen and Wincrange are perfectly equipped to welcome our partners. At Windhof, our main location, our Luxembourg talent is driving the digital transformation of our customers.

Our culture

At IBGraf, innovation is embedded in our culture, supported by a proactive, multidisciplinary, and autonomous team. Our structure is horizontal, organized around 'captains' in departments: development, hardware, software, sales, and administration. The human aspect is paramount for us, fostering excellent interpersonal relationships.

Our core values are:

Maturity & Vitality:

We combine professional wisdom with dynamic energy.

Respect & Kindness:

Every interaction is marked by respect and support.

Business Expertise & Performance:

We strive for excellence and competence in all our projects.

Join IBGraf to be a part of the digital transformation of businesses!

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At IBGraf, everyone has a say

We adopt a participatory management style that encourages every team member to actively contribute to the company's decisions. This approach not only fosters an inclusive and dynamic work environment but also strengthens the commitment and motivation of our employees. By actively involving our teams in the decision-making processes, we cultivate an open and collaborative company culture, conducive to innovation and excellence.

Life at IBGraf

De grands projets se préparent chez IBGraf ! 🚀

Mais ici, de quoi s’agit-il selon vous ? 🤔
Restez connectés ! 🔍 Ça en vaut la peine ...

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🎉 Hier, c'était la fête des secrétaires.

Chez IBGraf Group, nous avons une tradition qui nous tient à cœur : celle de fleurir toutes nos collègues féminines à cette occasion.
Pour nous, c’est plus qu’un simple geste de reconnaissance ; c'est une manière de valoriser l'engagement et le dévouement de celles qui contribuent au quotidien à la réussite de notre entreprise. 🌼
🙏À toutes nos collaboratrices, merci pour votre travail exceptionnel ! 💐

Il y a quelques jours, nos deux collègues Elisabeth et Sophie ont eu l'occasion de se rendre utiles lors de l'Action Grand Nettoyage de BewaPP organisée dans le Zoning des Hauts-Sarts à l'initiative de SymbiOZ. Une belle manière de mêler l'utile à l'agréable en partageant ce moment avec nos voisins ! Un grand merci à l'entreprise DEVEUX CONTAINER pour l'accueil et à la Ville de Herstal pour les installations et le verre de l'amitié !

Photos de groupe : Massart Studio

Are you in a festive mood as well?

At IBGraf, team spirit is fully experienced through our festive activities! We organize several team-building events per year but we also don't forget to support our hockey, beach volleyball, or karting teams. Every two years, we go on a trip together to strengthen our bonds. Our themed workshops, afterworks, and barbecues are always great times among colleagues!