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Leave your accounting job and reinvent yourself in a new career that aligns with your aspirations!

Are you an accountant and aspire to a rewarding career change in the world of management computing? Today, you wish to commit to a stimulating mission, away from repetitive tasks and the lack of intellectual challenges. Periods of stress related to deadlines, such as the closing of accounts, regularly put pressure on your well-being and the balance of your professional and private life, which you want to free yourself from. You have a taste for technological innovation and need to find creativity in the projects you manage.

Discover an exciting opportunity that combines your accounting expertise with the dynamics of the technology sector.

Let's start by getting to know each other…

The DNA of IBGraf Group

IBGraf Group's mission is to assist economic players, regardless of their specificities, to have access to the best management computing solutions offered by top publishers, to enable them to manage and steer their activities with peace of mind.

Thanks to our constant monitoring of the field, we identify the needs of tomorrow, detect the most effective solutions to meet them, and prepare our clients, our employees, and our company for this strategic shift.

Our strength is primarily our team of united collaborators who are focused on their mission to determine and implement the ideal computerized management solution for each unique case.

Each of our missions is conducted with respect for our values: Maturity & Vitality, Respect & Kindness, Business Expertise & Performance

Do you share our vision and priorities? Then this job might be for you.

Your new challenge:

As a software provider within our technical team, your role will be essential for:

  • Efficiently handle incoming technical phone inquiries through a ticketing service and provide remote troubleshooting to clients;
  • Ensure the installation and configuration of new products, new versions, and/or additional modules from A to Z;
  • Analyze the client's requirements in depth in order to configure the software as closely as possible to their objectives;
  • Then configure the following software as closely as possible to the client's objectives and/or report to the internal developers so that they can implement creative solutions;
  • Provide training for clients through webinars and/or short remote sessions;
  • Work closely with our group's project and development team;
  • Your goal is to increase customer satisfaction.

The qualities and skills we are absolutely looking for:

  • Excellent command of French
  • A background in accounting
  • An enthusiastic, proactive, and solution-oriented personality
  • To have a natural ease in telephone communication
  • A sense of organization and a structured approach to your tasks.
  • A team spirit and an ability to work in synergy.
  • Resilience in the face of stress and challenges.

Additional assets that earn points:

  • If you have knowledge of Dutch or English, don't forget to mention it, it's important.
  • Are you knowledgeable in Sage software, Horus Software, or any innovative accounting software? That's really a plus!

Do not hesitate to share with us any unique experience or skill that could set you apart, even if it's not directly related to the position.

Why is this job awesome?

Because it offers you the opportunity to thrive in a positive and motivating professional environment and to evolve alongside our various projects. Far from being a monotonous and repetitive job, it will allow you to develop new skills and take on great challenges.
And then, because we must admit it, we are all really very nice!

What we offer you:

  • An open-ended contract with an attractive and progressive salary.
  • A stimulating work environment, far from monotony, full of challenges to overcome.
  • A welcoming team and an environment conducive to professional development.
  • A respected work-life balance, with ongoing training and opportunities for remote work.
  • Continuous support in your professional journey and moments of relaxation to strengthen team spirit.

The package


Company car


Fuel card


Group insurance


Remote Work (after 3 months)

Flextime (available after 1 year)


annual bonus based on team performance


Compensatory rest

The process

  • Interview with one of the 2 leaders (Bruno or Matthieu)

  • Conducting psychotechnical tests with our HR department

  • Exchange sessions with 2 staff members (purpose: to better understand the organization, the behind-the-scenes, to discuss more down-to-earth topics)

  • Contract proposal and meeting with the 2 directors (Bruno and Matthieu)

Have we convinced you?

Your future career starts here. Send in your application and join our team!